Monday, November 7, 2016


This week went by so fast! It has been absolutely crazy here. I had my first divisions. I went into another area and it was so different. We taught 5 lessons standing up. I literally never sat down the entire day. There were a lot more favelas there also. It was a lot of fun and was a great experience. At night we walked through this crazy area. It kind of felt like Switzerland at times and then like a jungle at another point. We saw fireflies which was so cool!

The traffic here is crazy also. There basically are no rules. All the cars are manual and everyone just drives wherever. The busses will take shortcuts, going in and off the freeway and then stopping randomly for people to jump on and off. There are speed bumps on a lot of roads which is good, because, without them, people do not slow down and just go as fast as they can. Also, there are a ton of motorcycles. And they just fly around the city. It is pretty awesome. Haha.

It has been hard with investigators. Most of the Baptismal dates have not worked out. It is hard to see someone fall away and not want the gospel. We are still working hard, though. We have one little girl who will be baptized this Sunday!!! She is the daughter of a member who hasn't been to church in 16 years, but he is starting to come also! So with all the difficulties with other people, I am super excited for this little 8-year-old and her dad. I already see a difference in his life. The gospel just brings a light to people that is totally noticeable.

One little miracle just happened here as I was emailing. I prayed earlier for all the technology to work because last week the internet and computer kept shutting down, and the power went out in the building, but my computer stayed on. It is something so small, but the Lord is always looking out for us in all things, big or small because He loves us. I feel His love here and know that He loves every single person in the world so much. I am so grateful for this opportunity I am having to share the gospel and His love with the people here in Brasil. Thank you all! I love you guys!

Elder Johnson

8-Legged Hunt in Progress

Not for another 22 months, Elder.

Amazing Pizza Claim looks to be true.

First "Squad Tie" Sunday in the mission field.

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