Monday, July 31, 2017


I got back to Brazil in one piece! I might be a little shorter as the plane had little to no space and it might have crushed me down an inch or two. I am happy to be back on the mission! It has been a lot of fun out here! I am actually with my same companion but in a new area. It is an area called Novo Osasco. It is a great area with great members. We even had a party with them this week. It was kind of crazy. I helped hang up a bunch of little flags. The party had some games for the kids. The youth did a dance. There were also those little popper things that you throw on the ground, but here they just throw them on the ground inside the church. I guess it is just normal.

Another crazy thing that happened this week is we went to a restaurant this week just to get a quick bite to eat at night. We ordered our food, ate, and then got the bill. It was for about 90 reis. Which is quite a bit for just a dinner here. Turns out that we ordered a plate of bacon fries that cost 30 reis and then also our food was just a little more expensive. It was fine until we went to pay and we found out that we didn't have any money. So we had to wait there until the other missionaries could bring us our wallets so that we could pay. It took them a while though so we just had to sit there in the restaurant. It was not our finest moment.

We are working with quite a few people here! A lot of youth. There is a young woman who will be baptized this Sunday! She is super excited and going to all the activities. There is another young man that will also be baptized in a couple weeks! So we have arrived and already had the blessing of people who are ready to hear the gospel which makes me extremely happy. The days are still a little long and hard. Mission life is not easy. It involves a lot more walking in the sun all day, but I am getting back into the swing of things and am really enjoying being back and know that this truly is the work of the Lord. Thank you all for your love and prayers!!

Elder Johnson

Legroom...or the lack thereof.

View from apartment

Ward party. I hung lots of flags.