Monday, October 31, 2016


This week went by so fast! It is crazy how fast the weeks go, but how slow the days feel sometimes. We walk a lot. Up hills and down hills and around hills. Haha. It is extremely tiring, but it strengthens me physically and spiritually because of the strength of the Lord I feel at all times here.

We have been working with a lot of different people. We make contacts on the street and then try to go back and teach them. We have to do it that way because there are a lot of apartment buildings here. It is fun and interesting to make a lot of contacts. On the street, you meet a lot of different people. One person kept trying to ask us weird questions. He asked us "Who we are", "What we eat", and "Where we live" Haha. Every time we tried to respond he would stop us and ask us the same questions over and over again. Haha. But I feel a love for all the people here. I know that they all of sons and daughters of God and that the love and atonement of Christ are for every single person on the planet.

We have a lot of different investigators. It is somewhat easy to start to teach someone, but for them to continue progressing is really hard. I am starting to be able to teach more and actually have conversations with people. It is hard when someone asks you a question and you have no idea what they said, or you know what they said but you have no idea how to respond in Portuguese. I have learned to have so much faith. Whenever I feel like I need to speak, the Spirit always helps me. And it is not a grand explanation of deep doctrine, but it is the simple testimony that the Spirit helps me with. I am so grateful for all the opportunities I am having to strengthen my testimony here, and for the opportunities, I have to serve and to teach. I love you all. Thank you for all for everything you have done for me!

Elder Johnson

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