Monday, October 24, 2016


I made it to the second P-Day in the field! It has been crazy! So much happens that it is hard to remember it all! I am loving Brasil and the people here! The language barrier is hard, but I can still feel love towards every person here. The members have so much love for the church and want to hear all about Utah and the Conference Center and how it is there. It is super hard to explain in Portuguese, but I think they somewhat understand me. Haha.

One crazy thing that happened this week is that we were walking around at night, getting contacts and a somewhat crazy looking guy came up to us and was saying that he needed a scripture read. He was yelling that we were messengers from God and that he wanted us to read a scripture right then. He kept yelling "LEIA! LEIA!" which means "READ! READ!". We read him the scripture and then tried to get away without anything more crazy happening. Haha

The food this week was good. We tried McDonalds. It was...interesting. Haha. It was just a little different. The Big Mac was smaller and not as good. Everyone says that Burger King is better here, so we will try that. Haha. My companion likes learning English and likes Burger King and Pizza. The pizza here is amazing. They put chocolate in the crust which is actually amazing. So it is like a 3 meat pizza, with a chocolate crust. It sounds weird, but it is so so so good. :)

The weather has been weird. It goes from super hot, to stormy, to super hot, to freezing cold in one day. The storms here are intense. They took out the power on our street and I don't know if I have ever heard louder thunder. It was a little scary as it was almost shaking the apartment.

We had stake conference this week. It was really good. The mission president was there and a couple of our investigators were there also! One of them is making great progress. When I contacted her on the street and gave here a picture of Christ, she started crying because her husband died a couple months ago. We have shared with her the Plan of Salvation and she is making great progress! Her baptism is planned for the 13th of November!

I have seen so many blessings from the Lord. It was a hard week, but the Lord truly has been there to lift me up and to bless me. I love this gospel and the light that it brings into people's lives. Thank you all for the prayers, emails, letters, and love. I love you all!

Elder Johnson

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