Monday, October 17, 2016

Ola everyone,

I have survived one week in the field! It has been difficult and trying, but it has also been amazing. I have already learned so much and continue to learn more every single day. The language here is incredibly difficult for me. People speak so so fast and I only pick up a few words. It makes it hard to communicate and I might have said some false doctrine. Haha. Someone asked me if I am liking Brasil and I said no on accident. Haha. I am learning more every single day and the Lord is helping me through everything.

I am in a city to the west of São Paulo. Still in the state of São Paulo, but a different city. It is different. Roads are just built randomly and there are a lot of hills. I am so tired of walking up hills. Haha, We go to a lot of apartment buildings, but also other houses. It is crazy. I taught a lesson in a tiny room with a family and it was raining and the rain was coming in through the roof, but I still felt the Spirit so strongly. People here live in modest circumstances, but they love so much and they always are so giving. I also see some crazy things. One time I saw a guy walk by who was just singing at the top of his lungs and then a car went by with a sound system so big that it was sticking out of the back of the car(People here have decent cars, but great sound systems Haha) And then a guy went by on a horse. It was a pretty hot day so maybe I was just seeing things. Haha.

The weather here is pretty crazy. It goes from super hot to pouring rain and back in one day. I like the rain more. Walking up hills in the sun makes for long days. People love to see pictures and hear about the United States. One person was asking about conference and I said I sung in it last year, so he looked up the video and we watched it. It was fun and kind of weird. I had longer hair then. Haha

The food here is really good. Usually, rice with beans and meat. Sometimes pasta. And the juice is super good. We eat lunch with a member every single day and share a message with them. It is a lot of fun, but difficult when they talk so fast and then ask me a question and I have no idea what to say. Haha, They also love always calling on me for prayer. Haha. Every time they want the American to say it. I also help teach people English which is fun. I actually know what is going on . Haha. People also love how tall I am. People take pictures with me all the time. Haha

I am loving the opportunity to be able to serve the people here in Brasil. I know that through the Lord that I have been strengthened and continue to be strengthened every day. I love the simplicity and the beauty of the gospel. It blesses lives. The main thing that keeps me going every day is "Posso fazer todas as coises com Cristo" which in English means "I can do all things with Christ" His strength, love, Atonement, and mercy can bring light into the darkest places, it can heal any wound, and through it I know that I can accomplish my mission here and that I can live with my family and with God forever. I love you all. Thank you for your prayers, support, and love!

Elder Johnson

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