Tuesday, February 28, 2017


This week was great! We have been working a lot here. I am liking my new area. There are not as many hills as Cotia, but we still do walk a lot. We have quite a few members to work with here which is nice. We have also been working on finding new people! It is hard to look for people every day, but I know that there are people out there waiting for us.

Our main investigators are a huge family. It is extremely complicated to try to explain who everyone is, but there are three main young men that are awesome! Two of them are actually with the young men's group on a sort of camping trip but in a hotel. We have been teaching them a few times a week and every time there are more and more people who are interested. It is awesome and we are hoping to baptize all of them. haha

We also taught a few lessons in English this week! We met a guy from India who is learning Portuguese but speaks English well, so we are teaching him. It was extremely hard to switch the lessons to English. It is fun, though, and my companion is learning English so it is good practice for him!

Our time was a little limited today because we went to the Temple, so I will write up more this week, but the Temple was an amazing experience. I love the peace and eternal joy that is found inside the Temple. We should always have the Temple as our focus. Try to go every week if you can. I know you will feel the Spirit so strongly. I miss working in the Temple and the opportunity to go at any time. Here we can go once every three months, and I miss it a lot in the time we can't go. I am grateful I have the opportunity to work with people here on earth also every day :) This truly is the work of the Lord. I love you all!

Elder Johnson

My new companion, Elder Do Carmo.

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