Monday, February 13, 2017


This last week went really well. We just kept working on finding new people and we found some great new people who have amazing potential. One great thing that happened is that we decided to knock doors on one street. In all reality, you usually clap outside the house, but at the very first house we went to there was a person who was extremely interested in the Church! It was an amazing lesson and I feel like we were truly guided to her. We also were stopped in the street by a man who said he was a member but has been less active for many years. We passed by his house another day and had an amazing lesson. He has had some difficulties in his life and really wants to change and find peace and happiness. I felt the Spirit so strongly talking about The Book of Mormon and the love that Christ has for him. His wife is not a member so we are also teaching her which is great for both of them!

This week we have transfers. I will be leaving my area here in Cotia. It is a little weird to be leaving it behind. I have been here my entire mission. It feels like another home. You meet so many people who become like family. They help you through every day and every week. The area is just so familiar and comfortable. I like knowing where I am and how to get everywhere. It will be hard to start over again, but I know I will make more friends and will be able to help the lives of many more. The decisions that are made in regards to transfers are definitely inspired. I have faith that there are people that are waiting for me and I hope that new missionaries will help this area that I leave behind and will continue the work of the Lord. This is truly the Lord's work. As missionaries, we are just His hands here, but His Spirit is truly what inspires and changes lives. Sorry for the short email. I will have a lot more to say after this week of changes, but I love you all. Thank you for all the support and prayers!

Elder Johnson

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