Monday, December 12, 2016


This week went by super fast. We went to a chapel next to the São Paulo Temple where a Seventy spoke to us and give us tips on how we can improve. It was really good and I learned a lot. It is a little difficult getting there as it usually includes standing up on a crowded bus (that is the same height or shorter than me) for one hour. It is kind of exciting though as the bus weaves in and out of traffic and you try not to fall over. Haha. When we were by the temple we saw a group of missionaries from the MTC. With them was Collin Peterson who went to Orem High School also! It was fun to see him and a bunch of other Americans. Helped show me how much Portuguese I have learned. Haha. Trying to speak English with them was difficult. I kind of switch back and forth between English and Portuguese when I try to speak English with people. It is a weird feeling. After the meeting with the Seventy, I had to go and get an ingrown toenail removed. With all the walking up and down hills, they are pretty common here. My toe is feeling a lot better now.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. It is usually super hot in the morning and then pours rain the afternoon and evening. I like the rain more than the heat. Our investigators are progressing well. All of Raulino's family came to church this week which was awesome! Church was fantastic because it was a country-wide stake conference broadcast from Salt Lake! 3 Seventies spoke and one of the Councilors in the Primary Presidency and Elder Holland! Two of the Seventies  and the Councilor in the Primary Presidency spoke Portuguese! Also, Elder Holland spoke a little bit in Portuguese! It was kind of crazy hearing an Apostle speaking another language. He spoke a little bit in the beginning and then switched to English, acknowledging how bad his Portuguese was (It wasn't super terrible. Haha). And then he bore his testimony in the end in Portuguese. It was a super cool experience and a really great church meeting.

Our other main investigator, Wesley, still hasn't been able to come to church because of work. We are helping him with that because he really wants to come, but is trying to support his daughter who lives in the United States. One funny thing about him is that he tried to set me up with a girl that he works with. He said she wants to live in the United States and find an American to marry. He then turned to her and said that I am American. I quickly changed the conversation. Haha

One other person we are teaching a lot is Dona Malva. She is super sweet, but can't read and has a hard time learning things. So our lessons with her are super simple. I love the simple lessons that truly rely on the Spirit to teach and testify.

We are continuing to work with a lot of people. I am loving that I can communicate with people more and more. I am feeling like I am actually connecting with people now. I absolutely love the people of Brasil and this opportunity to serve. I am super excited for Christmas and sharing Christmas messages is so much fun to do right now because people here are excited too and it is a great time to remember Jesus Christ. I love this true Christmas spirit I am feeling. I am not worried about what I am going to receive, and the only thing I can give is the simple, but powerful message of Jesus Christ. That He was born for us, He died for us, and that He continues to live and perform miracles for us today. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and everything He has done for me and continues to do for me every day on the mission.

Amo vocês!

Elder Johnson

Elder Collin Peterson from Orem

There it is. Dante's Gate.

Toe Decor

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