Monday, January 16, 2017


Today is an exciting P-Day for me as it is my birthday. It is fun having it on a P-day as I have a little more freedom about what I want to do. In all reality, all I want to do is eat churrasco and sleep, so that is probably exactly what I will do. I am extremely tired after a long week, but I am also excited for a new week. There still haven't been many huge things that have happened, but we have been working hard every day and I have seen small, but significant miracles in my life.

Every day we have been looking for new people to teach which means walking and a lot of it. We have lists of people we have contacted in the past, but those are a little hit and miss. The best thing to do is find someone out front of their house and ask for water. Everyone will give water especially when it is super hot. Then we talk with them for a little while and sometimes leave a message. That way we get some refreshing water and sometimes a new investigator! This week we also have been working with family members of less active members. It is good as they have already heard about the church and we have a member there always. The boyfriend of a less active member received the lessons very well and went to church this week with her!

Sabrina wasn't able to be baptized this week as she is still working, but we are working hard and I know that with faith miracles will happen. She is working with the program at the church to find a job, and is also going around looking at different restaurants to see if anyone needs more help. We will keep working and praying that she will find a new job and will be baptized!!

One crazy thing that happened this week... I was sleeping one night. It was nice and peaceful. I was dreaming of snow and no hills (two things we don't have here). Then in one instant my bed broke underneath me. The wood on the side of the bed broke so I was basically just laying on the ground. I was super tired so I kind of just shifted and went back to bed for the rest of the night. My fix, for now, is that I just put a bunch of Liahona magazines under the bed. Works perfectly. The word of God definitely holds us up.

The biggest miracles are just that I feel super good after a long day. Tired, but excited to keep working. I have a lot of faith that everything will work out. I know that when we show that we are willing to work hard and do our part, that God will do His part and with Him, we can do all things. I feel the strength as we climb hills and I feel the strength as we teach lessons in a different language. The Spirit helps us in all aspects of our life. It is important for us to always live worthily to receive all the gifts and blessing that God has for us. Thank you all for your prayers and support and Birthday wishes. I love you all!

Elder Johnson

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  1. Happy Birthday, Elder Johnson! Para bems a voce! FYI it sounds like some things have changed a lot since when Roger and I served our missions in Brasil. Back then missionaries weren't allowed to drink water unless it had been boiled for at least 20 minutes. I'm glad to hear that the water quality must have improved greatly!