Friday, September 23, 2016


The CTM is awesome! It has been such a different experience, but I am loving it. The schedule most days are very similar so it is hard to talk a lot about specifics of what is going on, because it is pretty repetitive and most days feel exactly the same. Haha. 

Last Saturday we did proselyting on the streets of São Paulo. It was crazy, hard, and fun! They put us on a bus, took us to the center of the city, gave us three copies of O Livro de Mórmon and told us to go and place them. Completely baptism by fire and I absolutely loved it. It was a little weird going up to people at first after only having three weeks of Portuguese practice, but the spirit guided me and helped me. It was easily the best part of being down here. We will be able to do it one more time while we are here!

Every day the Portuguese gets a little easier. Talking to Brasillians helps a lot. We sometimes teach 4 lessons in one day! Two to "investigators", one to a "member"(who is someone who works here at the CTM), and one with a Brasillian companion. I am exausted after every single day. 

The worst part about the CTM is when they try to do american food. They make hot dogs and they are almost impossible to eat. They are covered in a weird sauce and it is extremely hard to muscle them down, but other than that I am loving it here. It is basically a fortress. No one in or out which is nice, but you kind of feel a little trapped. Kind of like a zoo animal. Haha. 

This morning I got to help in the Baptistry in the temple and actually do the baptisms in portuguese. It was a really cool experience! I absolutely love the Temple and the peace it brings!

The Lord has blessed me so much this week and I am so grateful for this gospel and the joy it brings. I am so excited to keep working. Just passed the halfway mark so that is exciting, but I am definitely going to need the next three weeks of preperation before the field! I love you all and know that I love the Lord. He is always there for us and is always helping us. Look for His hand in your life every day and I know that you will see countless blessings that he has given you and continues to give you. Love you all!!

Elder Johnson

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